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Air Conditioner Clean & Check

21-Point Air Conditioner Clean & Check

  1. Check thermostat functions, settings, and location
  2. Check/Lubricate furnace fan motor (as applicable)
  3. Check blower motor amps (as applicable)
  4. Check filter system and clean/replace if customer has filter
  5. Check contactor and clean as required
  6. Inspect condenser fan motor and blades
  7. Check condenser coil and clean as required
  8. Check compressor
  9. Check refrigerant line temperatures
  10. Check evaporator drop
  11. Check humidifier damper position
  12. Check condensate pump/lines and clean as required
  13. Inspect electrical connections and tighten, clean as required
  14. Check capacitors for leakage/function
  15. Check electrical loads/current draw
  16. Clear debris from condenser
  17. Inspect service valves
  18. Clean blower as required
  19. Inspect evaporator coil and clean as required, if accessible
  20. Locate/Identify system switch and/or breaker
  21. Check and advise customer on performance and air distribution (settings, closing basement registers, etc.)


Any work other than above that is required will be quoted separately.
Residential Properties Only.

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