What is Smart Home Plumbing – is it Worth it?

April 1, 2022

The future is Smart. Smart apps and home automations are used for convenience and monitoring purposes, like the timed movements of window blinds or the peace of mind of security systems. Detecting possible water leaks with Smart Home Plumbing prevents future damages and saves you money.

The professionals at Plumbhouse Plumbing, Heating & Electrical are experienced at installing all your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Smart Home Automation Devices, including:

  • Smart Plumbing 

  • Smart Sump Pump

  • Smart Shower controls

  • Smart Faucet

  • Smart Home Security 

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Smart Wiring

Plumbhouse Plumbing, Heating & Electrical offers Smart Home Package Discounts to promote peace of mind for our busy clients. Contact us to discuss your HVAC / app compatibilities at (519) 453 5650 or online, here, where you can tell us about your needs.

The Canadian government insurance information site reminds us that home insurance policies do not cover expected or predictable events. Water leaks, however destructive, fall under predictable events

The maintenance of our home systems is our responsibility; consequently, the damage resulting from our failure to maintain those systems is not covered by a home insurance policy. Sewer backups are not covered by flood insurance.

Smart Plumbing: 

The most popular Smart Home Plumbing device is the Moen Flo Water Monitor and Shutoff, which offers peace of mind for anyone who owns a home. It is a Smart Home Plumbing system in a single valve that is professionally installed on the main water supply line of the house.

With the Flo by Moen app, Google, Firefox, other browsers, Alexa, or Google Assistant can handily track your water consumption, water pressure, rate of flow, and water temperature. You can set the app to automatically turn off your water in the case of a detected concern, or you can turn off the water yourself remotely. You’ll be warned of high pressure, leaks, and even frozen water. 

This water monitoring aid can encourage water-saving goals that benefit the planet and future generations while saving you money.

 Plumbhouse-Plumbing-Moen-Flo-Smart-Leak-DetectorThe Moen
Flo Leak Sensor is plugged into an outlet by your sump pump, dishwasher, or washing machine with its sensor on the floor near the appliance. You receive an alert if water touches the sensor. Know immediately if the dishwasher door was accidentally left ajar

Smart Sump Pump:

A sump pump alarm lets you know the pump is working to drain incoming water. If you’re purchasing a sump pump or considering a replacement, you should definitely consider a new wifi connected, monitoring, and alarmed Smart Sump Pump, especially if you have a rental income property or aren’t home during the day. Some apps or Smart Alarms are compatible with an existing or upgraded sump pump. 

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Smart Shower controls:

You might ask, “What are the benefits of a Smart Shower?” Beyond monitoring the water usage during your family’s showers, these devices provide custom shower settings, including shower duration, water temperature, and rate of flow. Conveniently, some have music connectivity with a connected speaker, a built-in clock and calendar, and voice commands.

Smart Faucet:

What do Smart Kitchen Faucets do? For many years marketing commercials have promoted their touchless on/off capabilities. Some can help with your recipes by pouring exact measures of water, and voice activation is an option.

We are an experienced, full-service plumbing business for your home and business plumbing needs.

Smart Home Security: 

We love the view-on-our-phones-home-security-systems; Ring and the Google Nest Series have been the most requested doorbell security systems for years. At Plumbhouse Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, we’ve learned all about them, including how to set them up so you don’t have to. Contact us today for your setup and tutorial on how to use them.

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Smart Thermostat:

Smart Thermostats have many benefits like wi-fi capability, monitoring your energy consumption, zone setups, heating/cooling schedules, and any changes, all from your phone. Smart thermostats provide the potential to save 10 -20% on your energy bills.

Smart Wiring:

What is Smart Wiring? Smart wiring works with your home security system, controlling and scheduling lights to protect your home from break-ins. Activate and make changes remotely. Once you have smart wiring, it’s easy to add on new devices and appliances, time their functions, and save you money on your electricity.

Plumbhouse Plumbing, Heating & Electrical is an experienced, full-service electrical business for all your home and business electrical needs.

Automations can prevent disasters, monitor use, and save money at the same time, all Smart reasons to introduce them into your home. 

Call us to get started with your HVAC automations.

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